Am I ready?

These questions will help you assess your readiness to fully engage in the Pathways program.

The program seeks individuals and organizations that are committed to a journey of learning, reflection, and actionable change toward equity and access. Your willingness to embrace these principles will contribute not only to your personal and professional development but also to the broader advancement of equitable practices within our sector.

    • Commitment to Learning and Change: Are you prepared to invest the necessary time and effort to engage in learning, reflection, and making changes to move towards more equitable practices in your work and your organization? 
    • Participation in a Supportive Community: Are you open to being part of a community of learners with diverse contexts and starting points in their equity and access work?
    • Collaboration within Your Organization: Are you willing to collaborate with one other person from your organization to share the knowledge and insights gained from the program, and to collaboratively implement the learning into your organization’s practices?
    • Honest Self-Reflection: Are you prepared to engage in honest self-reflection, examining your own beliefs, biases, and practices, as well as critically assessing your organization and the broader sector?
    • Active Feedback and Contribution: Are you ready to actively provide feedback, share your experiences, and contribute your insights to the ongoing development and refinement of the program as part of a collaborative effort?


    Is my organization ready?

    Assessing your organization’s readiness involves considering both its openness to change and its willingness to engage in the reflective and transformative process that the Pathways program offers.

    The program is designed to support participants as they navigate the complexities of this work, but its success relies on the active participation, commitment, and engagement of the organization as a whole.


    • Willingness for Change: Is the entire organization, including leadership, genuinely open and willing to embrace change and work towards implementing more equitable practices? This involves a collective commitment to examine existing structures, processes, and attitudes.
    • Commitment to Participation: Are there at least two individuals within your organization who are committed to actively participating in the Pathways program for the entire year? This commitment ensures that there is consistent engagement and follow-through on the program’s learning and implementation.
    • Honest Conversations: Are the members of your organization prepared to engage in honest and sometimes challenging conversations about the current state of your organization and its impact on the community? This includes discussing potential biases, inequities, and areas for improvement.

      Code of Conduct

      All participants are asked to participate as socially accountable community members. Above all, there will be zero tolerance for those who promote violence against others on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, or different ability. Anyone who incites harm towards other participants, facilitators, or team members will be removed from the program at the discretion of the Pathways team.