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This workshop is part of the Pathways Pilot program and is open to anyone in the arts, culture, heritage sector

Facilitator: Kingsley Strudwick
Tuesday March 19/2024 | 2pm – 3:30pm PST
NOTE: This workshop will be repeated on Thursday June 6/2024 | 10:30am – 12pm PST

Pricing: Free

Online via Zoom

*Maximum capacity 50 people



Understanding of gender diversity is growing day by day. At the same time, transgender, non-binary, and other gender diverse people still experience many challenges, including barriers to safe workplaces, artistic spaces, educational experiences, and community spaces.

In this workshop, Ambit will introduce frameworks for understanding gender diversity beyond the binary, work through nuanced scenarios, offer examples of gender-affirming practices and explore strategies for applying these learnings on a personal, relational, and systemic level.



Kingsley Strudwick is a facilitator and speaker with 15+ years of experience, exploring topics such as gender diversity, intersectionality, bystander intervention, microaggressions, and systemic changes in workplace culture. In 2016, Kingsley founded Ambit Gender Diversity, a company dedicated to improving experiences for transgender, non-binary, and other gender diverse individuals, families, and communities.

Kingsley has delivered over 350 professional development workshops to universities and colleges, municipal and provincial governments, and the non-profit and business sectors. Kingsley’s professional practice is dedicated to creating environments for self-reflection, building bridges across differences, and fostering relationships as the foundation for social change.


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