Learn | Reflect | Integrate

The Pathways program is designed to support individuals and organizations for a full year as they identify, learn and implement principals of equity and access into their work.
Pathways is based on a learning-to-action approach, tailored to your specific context, organization and capacity. 1. Identify equity and access learning goals 2. Access relevant learnings and guidance 3. Reflect and integrate knowledge and ideals

Key Features

Pathways is a free program. Key features of the program include:

  • Individualized Learning Plan: Participants receive personalized support to create a plan tailored to their specific goals, context, and capacity.
  • Learning Opportunities and Resources: Free access to a variety of learning opportunities, resources, and tools that are relevant to the participant’s context and preferred learning methods. This could include books, workshop fees, online course fees, etc.
  • One-on-One Support: Participants are matched with a Program Guide, whom they meet with monthly to discuss progress, challenges, and receive guidance.
  • Reflection and Implementation: Dedicated time and support are provided for participants to reflect on their learning and effectively integrate it into their work and organization.
  • Peer Community: Participants are connected to a community of learners and peers, allowing for shared experiences and mutual support.
  • Tracking Progress: Guided support is offered to help participants track their progress and the resulting organizational changes.

The Learning Cycle

The defining practice of the program revolves around a cycle of learning, reflection, and integration. Every participant will enter the program with unique lived experiences, contexts, and perspectives. This iterative process acknowledges that this work is ongoing and multifaceted, and it helps participants, regardless of their specific pathway, continually translate their learning into tangible actions within their organization and community.

The emphasis is on moving beyond theoretical understanding to practical implementation.  

Learning process map. 1. Organization Identifies the need for Equity work 2.Self-reflection based on intake questions 3. Check-in meeting with Guide. 4. Development of the learning plan 5.Learning/Action 6. Guided Reflection 7. Check-in with guide 8. Sharing with the organization. 9. Implementation of learning into the organization. 10. confirm next focus. The cycle repeats over the course of the program.