Meaningful change does not happen quickly or easily. 

We need time to build relationships, learn, reflect and integrate new knowledge. Many people in our sector are balancing very limited capacity and resources with the desire and expectation to further embed equity into their work quickly. 

Our approach with Pathways is to support a community of learners with an individualized program that centres reflection and intentional action. We have structured this program to take place over a full year to allow time for supported learning-to-action cycles. We hope that after this program, participants will choose to integrate ongoing learning practices into their lives, work, and organizational policy.   

In the development, administration, and delivery of the Pathways Program, we aspire to act in ways that model the values of the program itself. As we co-create this program we are also learning, reflecting, and embedding what we learn into our own work. We are mirroring the same process as Pathways participants.

Working Group & Advisory Network

To ensure that ideas and models explored throughout this process were shaped by diverse perspectives and challenging questions, we brought together arts, culture and heritage knowledge holders and equity leaders to form our working group. We consulted with a network of advisors, peers, and folks working on similar initiatives internationally. The working group also engaged their own advisors, further broadening the reach of the process.

Community Based Design

The Pathways program centres community-based design; working with and in our communities to design a program that is functional, responsive, and relevant. 

The Pathways program is a living, emergent program. We continue to listen to participants, advisors, and community members; adjusting the program to fit the needs of the sector.